Sunday, April 6, 2008

Woman Needs MJ to Lift Restraining Order for Third Paternity Test

Lisa Miceli wants a judge to lift a temporary restraining order.

You see, she wants Michael Jordan to take a paternity test. Unfortunately for her, a judge imposed a restraining order on her after MJ filed a harassment suit.

Oh, and this might be as equally unfortunate for Miceli: Jordan took two paternity tests in 2005. Both tests proved he is not the father of her now 4-year-old son. Nonetheless, Miceli lives in a false-reality and claims the restraining order prevents her from negotiating the child-support agreement with Jordan, a deal her gold-digging-self (oh, and her son) rightfully deserve.

Jordan's attorney Frederick J. Sperling might just have to dash her hopes. "There is not going to be a settlement," Sperling told the judge. "Mr. Jordan is not the father of her child, and we're not going to engage in any discussions on that."

Ms. Miceli: please resign to the fact that your son was not fathered by MJ, but by the next-Jordan, Harold Minor.


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