Monday, March 10, 2008

JaMarcus Russell Weighs 300 Pounds?

Could an NFL quarterback enter training camp weighing as much as his offensive linemen?

According to Don Banks of Sports Illustrated, there are "rumors" that Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell's weight has fluctuated to nearly 300 pounds since the end of last season. Russell was listed at 255 pounds last season.

Some NFL insiders have denied the report, saying Russell is a mere twenty pounds overweight, weighing in at 275 pounds. The facts are uncertain since no players have actually seen Russell.

Worshipers of the NFL Draft and its annual combine will recall Russell's disappointing weigh in 2007. Russell shocked observers with his "flabby" 263 pound weight in. Weight has been an issue for the first overall pick since his college days at LSU.

Unfortunately for Jared Lorenzen, Russell has shown the ability to lose weight quickly Most likely, Lorenzen (listed at 285 after peaking at 322) will enter the 2008 NFL season as the league's heaviest quarterback.


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