Saturday, May 2, 2009

Linton Johnson Disses, Accurately Describes KG

Kevin Garnett is an emotional guy. It physically pains him, we're told, to sit on the bench, unable to play in the Bulls-Celtics series. Still, he gets plenty of camera time. Just look at this picture:

But don't let all those shots of KG on the Celtics' bench fool you. According to Chicago Bulls forward Linton Johnson, the Battle of the Benches clearly favors the Bulls. In fact, he broke down the depth of Chicago's cheer squad bench, throwing in a jab at Kevin Mothafuckin' Garnett.
"Lindsey, like the Vanguard. So we follow Lindsey," Johnson said. "We've got the muscle with Aaron. We've got a heck of a bench. If they ever turn that camera down on our end, they've got something really good. KG's by himself, but we've got the whole clan down there."

Do the Bulls' reserves ever hear what Garnett is yelling?

"We can read his lips," Johnson said. "With him, it's easy. He only says about five words."
Linton Johnson, you are my new favorite player.


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