Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Can I Get a Baseball Card Guide?

Like most Americans, fresh off of Thanksgiving, I hit the shopping mall on Black Friday. It wasn't by choice. (I was dragged there against my will, I swear). Toy stores and the like aren't my definition of fun, to be honest.

Fortunately, I was able to escape into the friendly confines of a baseball card store. In my younger years, like many of you I'm sure, I was an avid card collector. I recall spending much of my time negotiating trades with my friends, making the deal, and watching as they ran to the baseball card guide to see how much their new cards were worth (and often times to discover I had ripped them off). It was fun then, but that was ages ago.

However, walking through the aisles of the store, examining the cases of cards, I was reminded of the joy those cards brought me. The sets of 1989 baseball cards and 1990 baseball cards reminded me of my glory days as a card dealer and, really, as a fan.

So I guess my Black Friday wasn't so bad after all. Plus, now I have a few decks of cards and a baseball card guide wrapped, waiting for me under the tree.

About the Undrafted Free Agent

Ron Crimson was the only player on the high school roster to not get in a game. He couldn't argue with the decision, because he sucked. Needless to say, yet stated anyway, when he entered the NBA draft following his sophomore season in college, he went undrafted. Now, Ron Crimson is the Undrafted Free Agent.

Contact the Undrafted Free Agent

Interested in informing the Undrafted Free Agent of his mistakes, advertisement opportunities, or a scoop on the latest sports scandal? (You can guess which is more likely.) Well, email him at undraftedfreeagent [at] gmail.com.

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There's nothing here; I just needed to fill some space. Space eater! Space eater! Space eater! Space eater! Space eater! Space eater! Space eater! Space eater! Space eater! I also needed to balance it out a bit.

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