Thursday, August 14, 2008

8.14.08: Bringin' Home the Blogs

Every Tuesday and Thursday, I dig through the Sportopia to find the best posts to share with you, my loyal readers, like a father bringing home the bacon (or something like that). Now, I'm Bringin' Home the Blogs...

Racism in Spanish sports began long before the "slant-eyed" pictures. RUMORS AND RANTS has a rundown of the incidents, ranging from one-liners to organized chants. I find it amazing that people like Spanish columnist Jamie Martin justify this crap.

Spaniards want you to know this is, in now way, racist. Yep.

Since we're on the topic, CUZOOGLE has Jose Calderon's response to the outcry over the photo. Apparently, it was just a wink.

Steven Jackson, who continues to holdout, is really screwing with fantasy footballers. Will he be be the same? How far should his stock drop? Why did he have to do this?!?!!? The DEUCE OF DAVENPORT is certain on one thing: he's pissed!

After noting Xavier Lee's failed career, Rick Gosselin of WFAA examined how other 2004 Parade All-Americans have faired. Which ones transferred to D-II? Who's in the NFL? Gosh, I'm a sucker for this type of thing.

Jeremy Schaap won't stop staring at DAVE LOZO. I can only imagine the horror.


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