Thursday, July 31, 2008

Olympic Opening Ceremony Is No Longer Ancient Chinese Secret

China brought out all the stops for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. The country's most famous director, Zhang Yimou, spent three years designing a 10,000-man production that was to encompass 5,000 years of Chinese history.

The entire show was to be a grand surprise, a secret. That is, until those pesky South Koreans got involved. A video crew captured and aired images of whales, a colorful globe, high-flying performers, and a choreographed countdown during a rehearsal.

Sun Weide, an Olympics spokesperson, acknowledged the leak was "disappointing," but said "the fragments cannot demonstrate the full picture of the spectacular opening ceremony."

Whew! That's a relief!

So how, exactly, did the South Korean network even get into the rehearsal? There was no sneaking involved; all they had to do was show officials their ID cards.

In other news, researchers have discovered an inverse relationship between Chinese capitalism and (ancient) Chinese secret-keeping ability.


The Daily Bagel July 31, 2008 at 8:24 PM  

The smart move might have been for China’s Olympic organizers (and the games’ fans) to acknowledge this as a testament to the intense excitement and anticipation of these games, get the video taken down,** and move on.

Instead, this kind of retributive anger is another example of the Olympic organizers seemingly selfish desire to have a picture-perfect Olympic “product,” regardless of the unfairness or backwardsness of the process used to produce the games and their worldwide broadcast.

Links to video and more commentary:

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