Tuesday, July 29, 2008

7.29.08: Bringin' Home the Blogs

In what will become a daily feature, I will dig through Sports Blogdome to find the funniest, most informative postings. I'm Bringin' Home the Blogs...

What happens when a Syracuse football recruit doesn't give Coach Robinson a call? As TROY NUNES IS AN ABSOLUTE MAGICIAN shows, the coach leaves one hilarious phone message.

Robinson is probably one of the few normal football coaches.

Matt Millen, resembling a certain Caddyshack character in TIRICO SUAVE'S mind, shot a groundhog. Who did he consult when it came time to create a groundhog stew? None other than ESPN's favorite formerly-retired quarterback.

After years of Yankee fans questioning Goose Goosage's Hall of Fame snub, he finally made it. According to one writer at BUGS & CRANKS, we should end the injustice and let every Yankee into Cooperstown.

So, how about Fernando Tatis? He's had a pretty strong resurgence. Maybe we should give him some props, says THE LEGEND OF CECILIO GUANTE.

JUICED SPORTS BLOG is in search of Loser-ville, USA. Chances the winner will be some high school town? There is no chance, thankfully.


About the Undrafted Free Agent

Ron Crimson was the only player on the high school roster to not get in a game. He couldn't argue with the decision, because he sucked. Needless to say, yet stated anyway, when he entered the NBA draft following his sophomore season in college, he went undrafted. Now, Ron Crimson is the Undrafted Free Agent.

Contact the Undrafted Free Agent

Interested in informing the Undrafted Free Agent of his mistakes, advertisement opportunities, or a scoop on the latest sports scandal? (You can guess which is more likely.) Well, email him at undraftedfreeagent [at] gmail.com.

Look at This!

There's nothing here; I just needed to fill some space. Space eater! Space eater! Space eater! Space eater! Space eater! Space eater! Space eater! Space eater! Space eater! I also needed to balance it out a bit.

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