Sunday, March 9, 2008

Rodgers is Not Brett Favre

Three years ago, Aaron Rodgers was in the running for the top pick in the NFL Draft. He lost that battle to Alex Smith and dropped to the 24th pick. Rodgers was drafted by Green Bay to backup one of the NFL's most recognizable players, quarterback Brett Favre.

Three seasons and 59 passes later, the Rodgers era will finally begin following the retirement of Favre. Rodgers was quick to address Packers fans on Saturday. "I'm not Brett Favre. And if they're wanting me to be the next Brett Favre, I'm not going to be him. I'm Aaron Rodgers. That's who I am."

In reality, Rodgers knows the comparisons to Favre are unavoidable. He grew up in the San Francisco area and hopes to enjoy similar success as Steve Young. Young was not the next Joe Montana. Instead, he continued the 49ers' run of success by bringing his own style and skills to the quarterback position.

"I know a lot of friends and family who were Joe Montana fans, where it didn't matter how good Steve Young did," he said. "They weren't going to cheer for him because he wasn't Joe Montana."

There will be much of the same sentiments in Green Bay. Fortunately, Rodgers understands the cirumstances.


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