Saturday, March 8, 2008

Rex Grossman to Start?

Former Redskin wide receiver Brandon Lloyd signed with a new team and started a quarterback controversy in the same day. Lloyd agreed to a one-year deal with the Chicago Bears on Friday. Later, in a conference call, he made his "mistake."

"Rex Grossman is the starter," he said.

Previously, the Bears coaching staff said that there would be an open competition between Grossman and Kyle Orton to start next season. Apparently, Lloyd jumped the gun on the matter. To be sure, the media asked Lloyd who told him that Grossman would be the starter.

The receiver stumbled, saying, "That's what I'm unassuming. That's what..."

Lloyd trailed off. I can just imagine the management sitting there, telling him what to say. "Orton and Grossman signed one-year deals. I figured Grossman was the starter. Open competition is what I'm being told right now," Lloyd said.

Immediately after Lloyd relinquished the phone, Bears offensive coordinator Ron Turner cleared up the matter. He said, "Brandon said that he assumed it would be Rex. I just wanted to clarify that before we got going. You guys know the situation. It's an open competition. Both guys have been told that, and when I talked to Brandon about the quarterback situation, I talked about both guys -- about Rex Grossman and Kyle. We've got two guys who can get the ball to all of our receivers."


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