Friday, March 14, 2008

Jonathan Stewart Ungergoes Surgery on Toe

According to Adam Schefter of the NFL Network, Jonathan Stewart underwent surgery to correct his injured big toe on Wednesday. Stewart will be out four to six months.

There is a a chance that he could be ready before the start of training camp, but Stewart will miss all pre-camp work.

Stewart originally suffered the turf toe injury in November. The injury did not cause him to miss any games. The extent of the injury was not determined until MRIs were taken at the annual NFL Combine.

Stewart was projected as a lock to go in the first round. Some scouts believed Stewart would be a top-10 selection. NFL Draft Countdown currently has Stewart ranked as the second best running back behind Arkansas speedster Darren McFadden.

It is unclear how far Stewart will fall due to the injury. Scheftler suggests Stewart could possibly be available in the second or third round.


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