Friday, March 14, 2008

Joakim Noah Gets to Miss Practice, Visit College Team?

Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah did not attend practice on Wednesday. Unlike Tyrus Thomas and Chris Duhon, Noah's absence was excused for a "personal matter." The organization knew Noah would miss Wednesday's practice weeks in advance.

What exactly was the personal matter Noah had to tend to?

Apparently, Noah used the time off to visit Billy Donovan and the struggling Florida Gators at the Georgia Dome. Noah was to serve as an reminder of what they can do before the SEC Tournament began.

The Gators lost 80-69 to Alabama and, at one point, trailed 42-14. The meeting failed miserably.

I find this story important for two reasons. Alabama's victory keeps my championship pick alive. I owe it to you, Crimson!

But here is the important question: why should Joakim Noah be excused from practice to visit his old college team? Just days ago Chris Duhon served a two game suspension (like it matters, he doesn't even play) and was fined for going to the Duke-North Carolina game. He was ripped for his actions by John Paxson. Yet he approves of Noah's absence?

Really, there are few differences between the two situations. For starters, Noah is a starter while Duhon rarely plays. Next, Noah missed a full-fledged practice; Duhon missed a shootaround. Then there is one thing that keeps Noah from getting crucified: Paxson allowed Noah is skip practice in the middle of a playoff run to visit his old college buddies.

That might just be the scariest part.


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