Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Indiana to Contact Skiles

When Kelvin Sampson was relieved of his coaching duties at Indiana University, speculation began regarding his replacement. Whoever was to earn the position was going to be a tough coach, that was the one certainty. Around the same time, Scott Skiles was fired (though he went to the organization saying a coaching change was needed), his tough coaching style having been tuned out by NBA players.

Now, it appears Indiana has Skiles on their list of coaching replacements.
Indiana University is expected to contact former Bulls coach Scott Skiles when it launches its coaching search, a source said Tuesday.

"If they're smart enough to hire him, they'll win a national championship in one or two years," said Bulls coach Jim Boylan, a former Skiles assistant who succeeded Skiles after he was fired by the Bulls on Dec. 24.

"He'll relate well to college players, because he needs everybody on the same page to fall into his system," Bulls center Joakim Noah said. "And he could definitely do that on the college level."
Skiles would be a great collegiate coach. He has always tried creating a hard working atmosphere around his team. That nature, which he instilled in his teams, was what allowed the Bulls to go from perennial losers to playoff contenders. Of course, that fell apart this past year. At Indiana, Skiles would have more control over the players. For starters, he will recruit the type of player he wants. Most likely, they will have a similar mindset and accept his philosophy, preventing another quasi-revolt.

An emphasis on defense has always been a signature of Skiles during his coaching career. Under Skiles, the Bulls were among the NBA's best. Being able to choose players willing to buy in defensively will allow him to succeed. The same could be true offensively; Skiles focuses on perimeter play. Similar offenses often succeed collegiately while being thwarted by NBA-level defenses.

Though Skiles would be a great fit at any college, Indiana just seems like a logical choice. Skiles was born in LaPorte, Indiana. He led Plymouth High School to the 1982 state championship. He resides at his home in Bloomington.

Indiana seems like a perfect fit for this native Hoosier.


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