Monday, March 17, 2008

Donovan Kicks Gators Out of Facility

The Florida Gators loss in the first round of the SEC Tournament dashed their NCAA Tournament hopes, relegating them the NIT. Coach Billy Donovan decided something needed to be done to motivate his team. How about taking their practice facility?

Coach Billy Donovan, feeling like his players had settled into a state of complacency and entitlement, banned them from Florida's $12 million facility. He also told them they couldn't wear any Florida attire.

"Probably in some respects the confetti is still falling down around them," Donovan said Monday. "When you have great success like we've had, I think it's very, very easy to become complacent and to lose sight of how good things are around here and to have an attitude of, 'I'm at Florida. This is just what's going to happen.'"
The players will be without their locker room, practice court, video room, and weight room. Florida's two national championship trophies will be off limits, too. Until they learn to focus and lose their sense of entitlement, this is how it will be in Florida.

Who knows, maybe it will work like it did for Florida football coach Urban Meyer in 2005. I'm willing to bet that it won't. What a great $12 million motivational tool.


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