Wednesday, March 26, 2008

5 McDonald's All-Americans to Watch

Tonight's McDonald's All-American game allows fans of both the NCAA and THE NBA to catch a glimpse of the upcoming stars of their sport. Here are five high school seniors to keep an eye on this time around.

A smooth forward at 6-foot-10, 225-pounds, Greg Monroe has a great all-around skill set that will only improve with time in college. Monroe, a Georgetown commit, possesses excellent court awareness and moves the ball well. He has his perimeter game, but must work on his right hand. When going to his left, he is dominant. Monroe is a strong rebounder and shot blocker while utilizing his quickness to defend perimeter-oriented big men. At just seventeen years old, Monroe has tremendous "upside-potential."

Demar DeRozan, an athletic wing committed to Tim Floyd, looks like an NBA player. With his great athleticism and explosiveness, DeRozan has tremendous potential. DeRozan has answered critics who questioned his mid-range game and ability to shoot off of the dribble. He has a nice feel for the game, passing and rebounding the ball well. That being said, DeRozan must make better use of his athletic tools and size (6-foot-6, 210-pounds) on the defensive side of the ball.

Samardo Samuels, with his 6-foot-8, 240-pound frame, is able to dominant around the basket. Samuels, a Louisville commit, is a bruiser when working the boards and post. He has tremendous finishing abilities to go with his good footwork and touch inside. Passing is a strength. Still, Samuels will need to develop his mid-range game and improve as a defender.

Though in the dreaded combo guard mold, Jrue Holiday is probably the most complete guard in the 2008 class. The UCLA commit is an explosive athlete, but can bring more to the table. Holiday can shoot from behind the arc, slash to the basket, and finish in the paint with both hands. Defensively, he should fit into Ben Howland's scheme. Holiday is capable of guarding point guards and shooting guards alike. He just needs to break out of the combo guard label.

At this point, B.J. Mullens is probably more of a prospect than a player; he takes too many possessions off on both ends of that floor. That being said, he is loaded with potential at 7-foot, 255-pounds. Mullens uses his athleticism to run on the fastbreak, usually beating his man down the floor. His shooting range allows him to stretch the floor. He has the ability to offensive rebound, though his rebounding, offensively and defensively, is inconsistent. Right now, Mullens is a finesse player and must become more assertive in the post. Mullens has plenty of room to grow while playing collegiately at Ohio State.

Though these five players might not be the best players on the court tonight, they should be interesting prospects to keep an eye on as they progress through college and into the NBA.


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